Steampunk girl

Upper body ,4k,best quality,masterpiece,1 American girl, 1 girl,(blond hair,streaked hair, long hair, blunt bangs,), A beautiful woman with a Yin and Yang face, a mysterious atmosphere, the style of Beksinski and Giger, mixed metals of silver and copper, minimalist concept art, aurora effect of studio lighting, detailed and complex movement lines, high definition. Surface tension, skips, alternators, average dark matter suspension), Detailed Textures, high quality, high resolution, high Accuracy, realism, color correction, Proper lighting settings, harmonious composition, Behance works,shards,glass,DonM3l3m3nt4lXL, smile,(oil shiny skin:1.2), (big_boobs:1.9), willowy, chiseled, (hunky:2.6),(( body rotation 120 degree)), (perfect anatomy, prefecthand, dress, long fingers, 4 fingers, 1 thumb), 9 head body lenth, dynamic sexy pose, breast apart, (artistic pose of awoman),GARTERBELT,smoke on the water

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