(Fidelity: 1.0), (masterpiece:1.5), (best quality:1.5), (ultra-detailed:1.5), (32K resolution:1.5), (close-up:1.2), 32K magical romantic Taiwanese comic art style, young cute romantic Taiwanese heterosexual close-up, full body, big eyes, detailed face and fingers, short-haired Taiwanese handsome boy and his beautiful Taiwanese girlfriend kiss next to a extremely (giant fantasy hourglass), best starlight romance, blue-dark orange gradient filter, exquisite quality, 32K, 32K high quality, intricate lighting, luminism, very high details, sharp background, mysticism, (Magic), 32K, 32K (close-up), 32K (Beautifully Detailed Face and Fingers), (Five Fingers), cinematic glowing light effects,style,DonMW15pXL,DonMB4nsh33XL ,DonM5cy7h3XL,DonMP4ste11F41ryT4l3XL,DonMSt33lM4g1cXL

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