(8k, RAW photo, photorealistic: 1.25),
Roxanne outfit (isekai meikyuu from harem wo)
slave choker,
hair ornament, black leather headband,
(huge breasts),
(highly detailed Caucasian skin: 1.2),
(1 girl, alone, breasts,
looking at the viewer,
bangs, big breasts,
amber eyes,
sleeveless blouse
bare shoulders,
short hair,
Upper part of the body,
blonde hair,
outdoors, ruffles, sky, cloud, tight dark green lycra pants, cloudy sky), a close-up of the person, well lit by the sun, outdoors, ulzzang, ((looking at the viewer)), serene and like a goddess, aaaura,
Roxanne (isekai meikyuu from harem wo),roxxane,roxanne

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