Sensual Beauty (sexy spanish woman) 18-th Century Pirate Captain, (vivid eyes), very long black hair with braids, punk haircut with mohawk, wearing, (traditional 18-th century Burgundy Neonpunk Pirate outfit), Commanding her ship, ((Pirate ship deck Background)) , (dynamic pose, random pose, modeling:1.4), (Mid body shot), sensual, beautiful, mesmerizing, concept art, highly detailed, artstation, behance, deviantart, inspired by innocent manga, inspired by video game concept art, trending, ayami kojima, shinichi sakamoto, Extremely Realistic, UHD, 8K, sharp focus, highly detailed masterpiece, bokeh, masterful volumetric lighting, epic light, intricate, intense colors, vibrant colors, chromatic aberration, epic fantasy, powerful aura, passionate, sensual, sexy, fiery

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