Masterpiece, High quality, 64K, Unity 64K Wallpaper, HDR, Best Quality, RAW, Super Fine Photography, Super High Resolution, Super Detailed, Beautiful and Aesthetic, Stunningly beautiful, Perfect proportions, 
1girl, Solo, White skin, Detailed skin, Realistic skin details, (Bikini Mecha:1.2), (Red mecha:1.3), 
Futuristic Mecha, Arms Mecha, Dynamic pose, Battle stance, ((medium bob hairstyle:1.3)), by FuturEvoLab, 
Dark City Night, Cyberpunk City, Cyberpunk architecture, Future architecture, Fine architecture, Accurate architectural structure, Detailed complex busy background, Gorgeous, Cherry blossoms, ((medium bob hairstyle:1.3)), Sharp focus, Perfect facial features, Pure and pretty, Perfect eyes, Lively eyes, Elegant face, Delicate face, Exquisite face, ,Mecha body,mecha musume,Red mecha, ((from side_front:0.8)), (low angle:1.2), ((thigh up shot:1.4)),mecha, (soft natural lighting:1.4), (soft shadow:1.3), (dark vignette:1.1), (cinematic shot:1.5)

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