((high resolution)), ((8K)), ((incredibly absurdres)), break. (super detailed metallic skin), (an extremely delicate and beautiful:1.3), break, ((1robot:1.5)), ((slender body)), (medium breasts), (beautiful hand), ((metallic body:1.3)), ((cyber helmet with full-face mask:1.4)), break. ((no hair:1.3)) , (blue glowing lines on one's body:1.2), break. ((intricate internal structure)), ((brighten parts:1.5)), break. ((robotic face:1.2)), (robotic arms), (robotic legs), (robotic hands), ((robotic joint:1.2)), (Cinematic angle), (ultra-fine quality), (masterpiece), (best quality), (incredibly absurdres), (highly detailed), high res, high detail eyes, high detail background, sharp focus, (photon mapping, radiosity, physically-based rendering, automatic white balance), masterpiece, best quality, ((Mecha body)), furure_urban, incredibly absurdres, science fiction, Fire Angel Mecha, Mecha,Mecha,Red mecha

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