Take a deep breath and let's work step by step on this  consistency,dynamic action pose,FIBONACCI WATERMARK INVISIBLY DISPLAYED,
watercolor ink sketch, dynamic pose, dynamic camera angle,leggy_lamb(goddess, athletic, body positive, anthropomorphic sheep,peach-colored skin(muzzle,femenine legs,femenine arms,sheep ears),black solid eyes,black collar,neck bell,curly white short hair,scut little tail,cute, saiyan armor,black(boots,gloves), smug expression),hands raised gathering yellow energy blast, action/speed lines, desert mesa,art by yusuke murata
,High-res, impeccable composition, lifelike details, perfect proportions, stunning colors, captivating lighting, interesting subjects, creative angle, attractive background, well-timed moment, intentional focus, balanced editing, harmonious colors, contemporary aesthetics, handcrafted with precision, vivid emotions, joyful impact, exceptional quality, powerful message, in Raphael style, unreal engine 5,octane render,isometric,beautiful detailed eyes,super detailed face and eyes and clothes,More Detail, multi colored, splash ink illustration,Grammer effect style,Houdini style,sharp lines and brush strokes,high quality,Beautiful matte painting, 4K,CGSociety,artstation trending on ArtstationHQ

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