best quality, masterpiece, beautiful and aesthetic, 16K, (HDR:1.4), high contrast, bokeh:1.2, lens flare, (vibrant color:1.4), (muted colors, dim colors, soothing tones:0), cinematic lighting, ambient lighting, sidelighting, Exquisite details and textures, cinematic shot, Warm tone, (Bright and intense:1.2), wide shot, by playai, ultra realistic illustration, siena natural ratio, anime style, 	random angles, random poses, 	very long silky black hair,	(a model look:1.5),	black	bracelet, wearing a long RED Santa-type trenchcoat stylist also a white blouse with gold buttons, and leather pants with A gold sash belt Long black high fashion Boots, 	a beautiful American woman,	beautiful shimmering makeup, frosty lips, icy eyeshadow,	big retro sunglasses,	Sketch of a beautiful girl, portrait by Charles Miano, pastel drawing, illustrative art, soft lighting, detailed, more Flowing rhythm, elegant, low contrast, add soft blur with thin line, ,xxmix_girl,niji5

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