score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, 
source_anime, source_furry, 
1girl, (loli, petite), 
furry, canine, fox ears, animal ear fluff, 
platinum hair, very long hair, sideburns, 
expressionless, black eyes,  (narrowed eyes, jitome), 
freckles on face, 
body fur, white fur, fluffy, 
toddler body, skinny, flat chest, 
dark-blue school swimsuit, fox tail, 
kneeling, put hands on chest, head tilt, 
female focus, solo focus, dynamic angle, 
outdoor, waterfall, ginkgo nut tree, autumn, 
steam, water splash, 
backlighting, orange highlight, 
depth of field, 
chromatic aberrations, countershading,

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