A muscular man with short, messy hair, wearing a venom costume, stands in the middle of a dark, nebula-filled landscape. His body is covered in black bloody veins that grow and intertwine out of the darkness, oozing thick neon rainbow blood. The man's eyes are closed, and he appears to be in a deep, dreamlike state. The scene is lit by a cinematic, film light, bathing in light, with a very sharp focus and high contrast. The background is atmospheric, surreal, and maroon cream bronze, with a high resolution, vibrant, and 8k quality. The man's body is hyper detailed and hyper realistic, with a spiritual and surrealistic feel. The scene is reminiscent of a fighting video game, with dynamic, vibrant, action-packed character design, and a disturbing and surrealistic atmosphere. The man's body is surrounded by sparks, lens flare, rim lighting, backlighting, RTX, and post-processing effects, with a satanic cross in the background. The man's body is floating into the abyssal

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