(((1man))), (((iconic retro futuristic era industrial but extremely beautiful)))
(((Cool colors, epic, minimalist, lovely)))
(((intricate details, masterpiece, best quality)))
(((full body shot, profile view)))
(((dynamic pose, looking at viewer))) , (((massive bodybuilder))), (((massive muscles))), masterpiece,bestquality:1.3,best_illustration,extremely detailed 8Kwallpaper,medium_hair,looking at viewer, high detail, high_quality, 45 years old men, wide man, (((full body shot, long shot))), (((massive bulge))), (((absurd bulge))), (((very big  bulge))), (((thick bulge))), (((tight clothes))), blond hair, better light, better shadows, masterful lighting,real life style, solo_focus, body, real_face, Big bulge in the crotch,
(((by Diane Arbus style,by Rembrandt style))),

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