(Full-page illustration of an ancient illuminated codex:1.3), ink drawing with golden leaf insertions on parchment of a wonderful (Historical Taiwanese Temple model:1.4), subtropical environment, historical Taiwanese buildings,19th century, (Hokkien architecture:1.3), (orange tiled roof), (upward curve ridge roof), wooden structure), stone base, red brick wall, (set on top of a hill overlooking a valley:1.2), beautiful blue sky (aerial view:1.2), vignette, highest quality. Masterpiece of a museum of art, award winning, detailed and intricate, masterpiece, itacstl, on parchment, art_booster, elaborately crafted diorama, detailed building models, neon_nouveau, Art Deco, Futuristic Deco, Neon Elegance, Cyber-Vintage, Techno-Glam, Neon Revival

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