(Insanely attractive abstract illustration: 1.4), English text, focus on text, cover, album cover, (girl, brown hair, half-up pony hairstyle, purple eyes, clear, bright, deep eyes, smile, happy, open mouth: 1.3 ), Flowers, Black Spots, (White paint dripping: 1.3), (Grunge style: 1.4), (Colorful and minimalist: 1.3), (Aesthetics 2004: 1.2), (Beautiful vector shapes: 1.3) , ((Text " HAPPY": 1.2)), Text block.
♥ \(Symbol\),
 BREAK (Red Background: 1.3), (Red Theme: 1.1), Sharp details. BREAK Original artwork, detailed and intricate, high quality, modern, impersonal, vintage, award-winning, artint, SFW

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