fcDetailPortrait,  epiCRealism, OverallDetail. beautiful woman, elegant white 25 years old Latin woman, solo, wavy shoulder-length dark brown hair cut in mullet style, medium build body, wide hips, nice thick legs, proportional figure, slim waist, small lips, thin lips , small round nose, black sexy bra, black sexy thong, office uniform, red knee-length pencil skirt, short-sleeved semi-sheer white formal blouse, black nylon pantyhose, short auburn brunette hair, gold necklace, earrings, ring, watch, black purse hanging on the shoulder, smooth skin,  hands smooth skin,  fingers smooth skin,  defined nipples, defined vagina,  defined vagina lips, neck smooth skin,  wearing high heels,  closed toe high heels,  looking at the camera,  inside a mansion, eyes focused on camera,  eyes evenly sized,  facing forward,  looking towards camera,  showing entire body,  show feet,  show high heels,  defined shoes,  excellent legs,  perfect hips,  perfect ass,  smooth skin,  defined body,  defined facial features,  defined fingers,  smooth fingernails,  dark red fingernails,  smooth skin on fingers,  smooth skin,  defined toes, photoshoot style,  seductive expression,  8k HD,  RAW,  dslr,  perfect features,  flawless skin,  skin pores,  professional,  masterpiece,  sharp focus,  (photorealistic:1.4),  detailed,  intricate,  high resolution,  full-length image, full image, very realistic, a subtle touch of glamour,detailed background,  good lighting,  key lighting,  fcDetailPortrait,  epiCRealism,  full body shot photo, show full body, perfect hands, perfect fingers, OverallDetail, perfect hands, five fingers in each hand, perfect hand pose, perfect fingers pose, two hands, two arms, two legs, perfect hands, perfect fingers, beautiful small hands, looking_at_viewer, detailed eyes, sexy, seductive,

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