The image represents an underwater scientific base, located deep in the ocean, where advanced research is carried out. The bottom is filled with a variety of koi fish swimming in crystal clear water, creating a serene and natural atmosphere. In the center of the installation is a large cylindrical tube surrounded by medium-sized neon mushrooms that emit a bright, futuristic light. Inside the tube, a jellyfish stands out in the center, surrounded by neon lights and cables that appear to be conducting scientific experiments. The aesthetic of the image is technological and advanced, with cyberpunk style elements such as bright neons and a vibrant color palette. The combination of the underwater environment with futuristic technology creates a surreal and fascinating scene, inviting viewers to explore and discover more about this intriguing underwater world. This image offers a unique and captivating vision that combines natural elements with technological advances, creating a visually striking narrative that can inspire the viewer's imagination and curiosity

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