((Ultra-realistic)) photo of mercedes e53 amg coupe,metallic random color,shiny spinning wheels,glossy black alloy rims with random color edge,bright turned on head lights,(((palm tree, beach))),BREAK
backdrop of (a medieval plaza in Italy), 14th century, (golden ratio:1.3), (medieval architecture:1.3), (mullioned windows:1.3), (brick wall:1.1), (tower with merlons:1.2), overlooking the plaza, beautiful blue sky with imposing cumulonembus clouds,depth of perspective,vehicle focus,(wide shot),random angle view
sharp focus,high contrast,studio photo,trending on artstation,rule of thirds,perfect composition,(Hyper-detailed,masterpiece,best quality,UHD,HDR,32K, kodachrome 800,shiny,glossy,reflective:1.3),H effect,photo_b00ster, real_booster,more detail XL,itacstl,japan

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