OpalPearl,A woman in an opal garden at twilight surrounded by swirling iridescent opals, holding a bioluminescent swirling opal glass with a drop of blood contrasting the gentle luminescence, Her attire a fusion of ancient elegance and futuristic fashion, a fusion of past and future, backdrop of dark elegant shadows created by dramatic modern lighting highlighting shimmering swirling opalescent glass Enchanting sad fascinated gaze, opalescent biotechnology nature surreal landscape, theme of opal brilliance and neon vibrancy melancholic intersection of beauty technology ethereal Highly detailed 8k cinematic photorealistic render, dramatic shadowing and cinematic depth of field bokeh, temporality concept mixed media
,  smile,(oil shiny skin:1.0), (big_boobs:2.3), willowy, chiseled, (hunky:2.6),(( body rotation -90 degree)), (upper body:1.6),(perfect anatomy, prefecthand, dress, long fingers, 4 fingers, 1 thumb), 9 head body lenth, dynamic sexy pose, breast apart, (artistic pose of awoman),photo r3al,more detail XL,xxmix_girl,1y0n,neotech,LuminescentCL,chrometech,DonMFr0stP4nkXL,NIJI STYLE

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