#Godzilla vs Kong

(photorealistic), (Full body shot)masterpiece:1.5, beautiful lighting, best quality, beautiful lighting, realistic, real image, intricate details, everything in razor sharp focus, perfect focus,  perfect face, extremely muscular, Photograph, masterwork, meticulous nuances, supreme resolution, 32K, ultra-defined, extremely shallow depth of field, very defined faces, excellent quality, 

On the right side of the screen is Kong, a giant gorilla roaring and swinging his fisted right hand.
On the left side of the screen, Godzilla, a giant dinosaur-like monster whose entire body is fluorescent blue, is staring at each other.
In the background is the horribly destroyed cityscape of Hong Kong and a huge aircraft carrier waiting in the sea in front of it.
Realistic, real photos, professional masterpieces,
A sense of urgency, a very fast pace, fear, and darkness.

Ultra-clear, Ultra-detailed, ultra-realistic, ultra-close up

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