{{{masterpiece}}},{{best quality}},{{super fine illustration}},{{beautiful and delicate water}},{{beautiful and detailed eyes}, {very detailed light}, {perfect and delicate limbs}, {nature}, {painting}, {delicate glow}, {{very fine 8KCG wallpaper}}, soft color contrast,
(high quality:1.1), smiling,night hotel background,Detailedface,Tifa lockhart,tifa_lockhart,1girls, official_art,sexy pose, long hair,very detailed image,female_solo, no human, curvy_figure, mixture of fantasy and realism, hdr, ultra hd, 4k, 8k,TifaFF7,perfecteyes, no_humans,tifa lockhart,realhands,night_view_background,
lavender eyes, peach pink pupils, whole body, white hair, luminous eyes, an extremely delicate and beautiful girl, (1 girl), medium chest circumference, (Violet dress with gold decoration), (long hair floating everywhere), (beautiful hair decoration), (nsfw), (breeze), long hair blown up, ((messy hair style)), (long bangs between eyes), very long hair, hair ribbons, hair flowers, strapless red dress, red dress, Flowers meadow, green eyes, raise hands high, showing full armpits, raise one hand, showing full armpits, Angelic sweet face,aerith gainsborough, The sun shines on the face, red dress, makeup, lipstick, backless,

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