candid gravure style image of a medieval gravure by Gustave Dore, Natalia Drepina and Brooke Shaden surreal postcard on a cracked paper, extremely dynamic, unusual , vintage, black metal style vintage distressed black and white xerox of an evil cemetery at night with a large statue of a dragon winged devil, with big goat horns, seen from below, {{{masterpiece}}}, best quality, {{top quality}}, (black metal album cover), black and white pencil ansel adams picture of the experience of madness in the context of depression. Depict this inner struggle through the image of an evil cemetery at night in a dark and gloomy space, very dark cemetery (dead branches), reflecting sadness and despair. Use muted colors and cool tones to convey melancholy. Incorporate abstract elements that suggest a distorted perception of reality. The image should be both poignant and respectful towards those facing depression, kodak portra 800t, hasselblad, 35mm effect, eerie, gloomy, foggy, motion blur,more detail XL, epic photo, Fujifilm XT3, Canon R5, Fujicolor Fujichrome Velvia 100, (masterpiece,best quality,ultra_detailed,highres,absurdres:1.4), (more detail XL:1.4), (BeyondSDXLv3:1.4)

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