(masterpiece, best quality, ultra-detailed, best shadow), (detailed background,dark fantasy), (beautiful detailed face), high contrast, (best illumination, an extremely delicate and beautiful), ((cinematic light)), colorful, hyper detail, dramatic light, intricate details, (1 girl, solo,black hair, sharp face,low twintails,red eyes, hair between eyes,dynamic angle), blood splatter, swirling black light around the character, depth of field,black light particles,(broken glass),magic circle,, smile,(oil shiny skin:1.0), (big_boobs:1.3), willowy, chiseled, (hunky:1.6),(( body rotation -90 degree)), (upper body:1.6),(perfect anatomy, prefecthand, dress, long fingers, 4 fingers, 1 thumb), 9 head body lenth, dynamic sexy pose, breast apart, (artistic pose of awoman),NIJI STYLE,more detail XL,photo r3al,xxmix_girl, fire element,glass shiny style,chrometech,surface imperfections,DonMFr0stP4nkXL

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