(((MASTERPIECE, best quality, highres, 8k, UHD, HDR))), (future technology), (close-up), venom face helmet, musculature, muscle, biomechanical long metal pant embroidery with glowing tetemic skull, blue to purple gradient background, glowing machine cord across the body, ((intense glowing neon light on muscle fiber)), black and golden steel, dark and sinister, volcano in the background, futuristic atmospheric world, nuclear machine, thermodynamic reactor body, Wonderful light and shadow effects, light particles, mixed machine with alien technology to show unique combination of absurdity of machinations, create an eye-stunning visual to bring viewer to the land of fantasy and machines, ,DonMM4ch1n3W0rld ,Gold_Zeo_Ranger, r1ge, chaotic, apocalyptic, visually encouraging,ven0mancer

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