at night,huge and complex technical background,(masterpiece),(detailed),(intricate details),(realistic, photo-realistic:1.37),illustration,an extremely delicate and beautiful,8k wallpaper,absurdres,incredibly absurdres,ultra-detailed,highres,extremely detailed,beautiful detailed girl,extremely detailed eyes and face,beautiful detailed eyes,1girl,solo,blue fire,gear,giant robot,machine,damage armor,glove,machinery suit,(machinery boots),Mecha,science fit,updo,wearing mechanical equipment,nice  ,Standing posture of model,Twist your body slightly,(Tall and elegant,slender figure:1.4),, smile,(oil shiny skin:1.0), (big_boobs:2.8), willowy, chiseled, (hunky:2.7),(( body rotation -90 degree)), (upper body:1.4),(perfect anatomy, prefecthand, dress, long fingers, 4 fingers, 1 thumb), 9 head body lenth, dynamic sexy pose, breast apart, (artistic pose of awoman),DonMFr0stP4nkXL,chrometech,neotech

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