A speck of dust in shifting sands
Yearning for nothing but a partner in hand
No grand desires, just solace i demand
A gentel touch, a wishper, possibly holding hand

2 years in solitary, was a tragedy
Humiliated, suffocated, isolated
The shadows dance, a sorrow cacophony
A lonely waltz, a cycle I have made

The solitary night with a mug of lukewarm brew
Just shadows for my guests, the mirror too
No spark ignites, no warmth to see me through
Just endless night, a suffocating hue

Let alone the things left unsaid
Let alone the things left undone
Hopes lie fallow forever suspended
Neither life nor light to be found

Shackled by silence, caged in this despair
Aching for a warmth, a breath of summer air
Searching for a star, a whisper in the prayer
But crushing darkness seems my only share

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