perfect face, (best quality, masterpieces:1.3), (beautiful and aesthetic:1.2), colorful, dynamic angle, (Realistic:1.4), illustration, (high quality:1.3), (ultra detailed, ultra highres), 32K, (Beautifully Detailed Face and Fingers), (Five Fingers) Each Hand, sharp focus, professional dslr photo, photoreal, Chinese house style, (Sitting and drinking hot tea Eat food on the balcony outside the room:1.5), See the evening view, forehead jewel, rose jewelry, volumetric fx, ray tracing, (((intricate detailed))), extremely detailed CG, (hyper realism, soft light, dramatic light, sharp, HDR), nice hands, perfect image, vivid color, (official art, extreme detailed, highest detailed), more detailed, Thai food style,sweets desert,colorful sky, 1girl, dynamic cute hair style , elegant dress, Wonder of Art and Beauty,BWcomic

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