pale demon girl , (prismatic coloring, holographic vibe, chromatic:1.2) , third eye in forehead, black lace transparent blouse, under transparent clothes you can see firm breasts, bonfage clothes, massive dog collar, elegant shoes and wide fishnet stockings, full body, full body in frame, full length, flies towards you, ready to attack, attacks, wants to eat, there are a lot of very sharp teeth in the mouth, grins, the mouth is open, there are several rows of teeth in the mouth like a shark, a monster, a sexy monster, a succubus, gothic nightclub background, neon pink lights, dark, gloomy, very dark, dim neon light, in the background there are small leather sofas illuminated from below with neon, breasts visible, (long straight horns:1.2), looks at you as a victim of his sexual pleasures, dark anime,donmcr33pyn1ghtm4r3xl  ,Butcha,highres,demonic third eye,DonMCr33pyN1ghtm4r3 ,Female,disgusting body horror

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