photo of Hyperrealistic art Wonderful, intricate, (colorful), heavy detailed, full-body shot, blond (beautiful celestial male half fish alien face with porcelain skin:1.2), detailed white face, real, atmospheric, sharp, detailed skin, high textured, anatomical face, biomechanical details, (iridescent colors:1.1) bright colors, alt_style, cinematic, precise, (monochromatic), shadowy:3, (prismatic colors:1.1) cool tones, alt_perspective, dramatic, polaroid film, polaroid photography, retro, lifelike, rangefinder, 5k uhd, Dolby vision, ultra-refined, elite texture, vivid contrast.
film, photo realism, DSLR, 8k uhd, hdr, ultra-detailed, high quality, high contrast,
,Movie Still,alien,action shot

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