Woman or Angel?

beautiful angel warrior, looking.at viewer, making eye contact with viewer, reassuring smile that everything is going to be fine.background is a heavenly scene.

 low angle. viewer looking up at anglic pretty woman warrior,. angel looking down angle at viewer

low angle:1.6, viewer dramatic angle looking up at angel. angel looking dramatic down angle at viewer. angel holding a flaming sword of power and justice,  from_below, viewed_from_below. GoPro footage Shot from below angel, photograph Shot from underneath angel, Looking straight into camera lens, pov_eye_contact, pov under angel, insanely high resolution,

(((no disfigured fingers))),  (((no disfigured face, back bends naturally))), (((arms only bend naturally))),  (((no extra fingers))), (((no digital anomalies with face))), (((enhanced smooth perfect face))), ((( extreme detail taken to present a perfect face))), (((no digital artifacts))), (((no digital artifacts with face, face is perfect))).

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