demon girl

a young witch girl, 18 years old, she looks at me like I'm food, she is dressed in a black absolutely transparent Venetian dress, under the dress you can see her vagina and breasts, transparent clothes, under the clothes she is completely naked, her breasts are small and elastic, her teeth are very sharp, she smiles widely, imaginary pink hearts fly around her head, she has blood red hair gathered in two ponytails, her eyes glow red, she looks at me with lust, passion, lust, desire to bite, rage, yandere, preparing to attack, depicted in full height, the whole body in the frame, in the attic of a gloomy mansion, the attic is littered with various old antiques, covered with dust, night, gloom, darkness, dim lighting, little light, out of the darkness,vampire,see-through,mtepes,Female,Kuchisake,better witch,

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