An alien chaotic yet vibrant collage of torn paper, newspaper print, stickers, posters, and acidwave-inspired colors, all arranged in a complex patchwork pattern that seems to defy any sense of order. The Frank Miller comic book style is evident in the strong lines and stark contrasts alien, emphasizing the kinetic energy and frenetic activity of the scene. At the center of the alien composition, a large cutaway diagram depicts the intricate inner workings of a machine, its gears and levers artfully arranged in a manner that suggests an underlying pattern amidst the apparent chaos. The machine's surface is adorned with a variety of stickers and posters, reflecting the eclectic tastes and interests of its creator. The overall effect is one of dynamic movement and intense energy, as if the various elements of the collage are struggling to break free from their confines and come to life.,PoP art,Ukiyo-e, alien skull_graphics,more detail XL,japanese art

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