(masterpiece, best quality), digital illustration, volumetric lighting, faux traditional media,  2d, anime visual, thick lineart, 8k indoors, workshop, blacksmith, very long hair, aged up, braided hair, black hair, (mid shot, upper body), focus, smile, harmony, volumetric lighting, dreamy, motion blur, holding hammer, smelting, glowing, heat, steam, sweat, 1girl, sidelocks, bangs, fantasy, hair ornament, (working:1.2), full lips, apron, white shirt, rolled up sleeves, pants, standing, fully nature, tree, grass, clothed, cowboy shot, feet out of frame, solo, outdoors, unique character design, mature female, (outline), light blush, (motion blur), (dynamic line of action:1.1), (deep depth of field), full background, peaceful, sunset, smoke, stone, wood, (extremely detailed, from side, looking down, (focused), intricate details:1.3), dark-skinned female, hyperrealistic, photoreal, detailed face, detailed eyes, serene, shiny, cl4mp,more detail XL,cl4mp,c0raline_style,r0b0cap

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