Mademoiselle Poulain 🎥

(Analogue/Beauty/Modernist photograph:1.3) of (Amélie Poulain from the movie Amélie:1.4). BREAK, (close up on face shot:1.2), cute smile, looking at the viewer, soft diffused lighting, eye level, (shot on Polaroid SX-70:1.4), Agfa Vista film, in the style of Ando Fuchs/Helmut Newton/August Sander/Garry Winograd/Hans Bellmer/Miko Lagerstedt/Liam Wong/Nan Goldin/Lee Friedlander, (photorealistic:1.3), vignette, highest quality, detailed and intricate, original shot, more detail XL, (amelie:1.4)

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