Kanna kamui in Kanon 2002 anime Style

(masterpiece), best quality, high resolution, extremely detailed, detailed background, perfect lighting, kanna kamui, long hair, bangs, blue eyes, hair ornament, twintails, blunt bangs, low twintails, light purple hair, beads, dragon girl, hair beads, hairband, (t-shirt:1.5), denim shorts, pantyhose, collarbone,cute pose, BREAK indoors, hot springs, BREAK looking at viewer, (cowboy shot:1.5), BREAK, (masterpiece:1.2), best quality, high resolution, unity 8k wallpaper, (illustration:0.8), (beautiful detailed eyes:1.6), extremely detailed face, perfect lighting, extremely detailed CG, (perfect hands, perfect anatomy), solo, ultra beautiful, ((((feminine)))),hands on own hips,narrow waist,

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