(NSFW:1.7), raw photograph (side view:1.7) of two individuals a man and a woman in a dark and gloomy torture chamber, both man and woman are bound helpless to a (torture chair), the man is one Italian gentleman well groomed (elegantly dressed) trousers and perfect hands, the woman is one cute European (lady) (blindfolded:1.4) and dressed in an (elegant evening dress with necklace:2.1) 40 years old with a (perfect pretty face:1.4) blonde bob cut hair slim legs sculpted knees and (5 deniers sheer transparent stockings:1.2) and perfect hands, (mouth open), dark and gloomy torture chamber, basement, torture chair, manacles, (hyper-detailed), 8k hdr, high level of detail, many details, high quality, soft cinematic light, dramatic atmospheric perspective

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