A 18  years young girl wearing denim black jacket and pant, cute face with details, beautiful black eyes, black long hair, smile 0.1, lipstick, earrings, model photoshot, high quality realistic photo,HZ Steampunk, different pose,YamiGautam,
((wearing a crop top and jeans )),simple necklace, tiny bindi on forehead, walking on the busy street, looking into the camera, casual photo, Realism, Realism, Raw photo,Indian, standing, outdoor background, full body view, 

(incredibly absurdres,  ultra-detailed, CG , unity , 8k wallpaper), (masterpiece), (realistic), (photorealistic:1.2), (raw photo:1.2),  (best quality:1.2),  (detailed face :1.4), (beautiful detailed eyes :1.2), (detailed hair), light on face,  huge filesize , cinematic lighting,  (background),  (looking at viewers),  (beautiful women, little curvy_hips, long_hair,  black-hair,  wavy_hair, eye_contact)
((highly detailed skin with pores)),  ((realistic soft skin)),  ((lite brown skin colour)), (seductive smile), perfect jaw line, absolute_cleavage, (full body view) , 
(perfect female body), (little thicc hips),hourglass body shape , ((looking at viewer)), ((highly detailed skin)),(clear skin), 
((highly detailed skin)),((highly detailed skin pores)),((8k,UHD skin detail)),
{{{highly realistic detailed face}}}, (highly detailed nose), (highly detailed eyes), (highly realistic face), (highly realistic facial features), (hyper realistic face details), (detailed face)
Her hazel eyes, (((Beautiful large pale eyes))) Photography, Hyper-realistic, Shallow depth of field, extreme close up, Macro lens, f/1.2, Hasselblad

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