absurdres, ultra hires, ultra detailed, best quality, masterpiece, concept art, 8k wallpaper, photorealistic, Hayao Milyazaki  (full chub body shot:1.3), LAND MATE in APPLESEED, (mecha, mech, heavy robot, heavy mech android), (streamlined shape:1.5), (smooth mech body:1.3), thin waist, mechanical face, hard surface armor, short legs, (heavy armored thick forearms and extremely thick thighs:1.5), rivets on joints, tassets, attached intricately mechanical equipments, (head in pyramid closed mechanical hood:1.3), (thin lower legs:1.3), (small feet:1.5), (thin upper arms:1.3), heavy shoulder armors, cinematic lighting, growing lighting, growing effects, steampunk city background,

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