best quality,  ultra high resolution,  (classical,  soft Effect,  light background,  soft colour:1.2),  ultra detailed,  hyperrealistic photography,  (full body view:1.3),  (distant camera:1.4),  30 years old office woman,  pretty face,  cute,  natural beauty,  green eyes,  (big eyeglasses),  long ginger hair,  (ginger,  ginger hair:1.3),  standing next to office desk,  (perfect sculpted knees:1.2),  (eyes closed:1.5),  (mouth open:1.4),  (orgasm face:1.4), (head tilted backward:3),  (white knit sweater:1.2),  (green tartan skirt:1.3),  (pearl necklace),  (knee high leather boots:1.5), (10 deniers sheer stockings:1.7),  office environment background,  detailed background,  ultra realistic,  photorealistic,  8k UHD,  DSLR,  extra sharp,  professional photography,  soft lighting,  warm lighting,  upskirt, ,Realism,detailmaster2

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