13-02-2024 C

1girl, solo, hair ornament, bug, braid, jewelry, long hair, white hair, flower, earrings, long sleeves, dress, cloud of surrounding, building from afar, 
((((((see-through dress)))))), daxiushan for the upper half of the body, lower body nude,

long white legs showing from the skirt, showing all the way to the waist, slit skirt revealing long legs, sexy legs, white legs, exposing many areas of the legs from ankles to abdomen, expose one breast, expose most of the nipple, Do not wear underwear, show her groin, show her long legs to the groin, (((((((nude body, show pubis, show navel, show waist, show chest, show right breast,  ))))))),

ornament, chakra, (( beautiful eyes )), full_body, small flowers in the hair, (((korean face female))),
,mythical clouds, realistic, ,xxmixgirl,3d figure,korean girl,3d style,
cinematic film still (Raw Photo:1.3) of (Ultrarealistic:1.3), different posture, up arms, ((arms up)), rainbow, in old used 1800 peasant clothing, crazy mad aggressive face and eyes, fantasy, concept art,NYFlowerGirl, arms up, tropical rain, jump up, hands touch softly you face, close up, Small cherry blossoms flew everywhere, the wind blew away the girl's clothes,

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