Hyper detailed, dynamic masterpiece, of impressive quality, a captivating sorcerous woman with a mix of beauty and danger, with vibrant and attractive hazel eyes, her hair is lush and shiny reflecting her feminine charm, her face has high cheekbones and a strong jaw that convey beauty and determination, her nose is delicate, her lips are full, her body has a well-formed, toned and athletic figure, with strong legs and not overtly muscular arms, and she wears intricate silk garments in deep colors like onyx, Clothing highlights her curves, with high slits revealing glimpses of hidden leather boots, the clothing has intricate embroidery and gold details creating a luxurious atmosphere. She wears dazzling earrings, a thin silk veil covers her head that hides her identity, she carries a fan decorative, with elaborate feather decorations,DonM3l3m3nt4lXL

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