Damn real.

HDR photo of (full body :1.2) Hyperrealistic, (finely intricate details:1.4) (natural lighting:1.2) (shot on ALEXA 65),  400-800 mm lens, f5.6, (RAW photo:1.3), Fujifilm XT3, extremely detailed, very high quality, ultra high resolution, 4k,  (sunlight:1.5)  (mist:0.8) (rays of sunshine through the mist giving a fairytale like impression:1.5) photo of anIn a dimly lit and strangely ethereal low key photograph, a surreal gilded goblin captivates the viewer's attention. The goblin's grotesque and twisted features are adorned with intricate golden patterns, shimmering against his emerald green skin. His elongated ears, adorned with delicate yet sinister gold jewelry, curve in an otherworldly manner. The photograph skillfully captures the luminosity of his luminous yellow eyes, offset by the deep shadows that envelop the goblin's enigmatic face. This high-quality image mesmerizes with its impeccable details, perfectly highlighting the mysterious allure of the goblin's surreal presence.  Dramatic mood, cinematic mood. ((Camera Middle Distance)),

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