Asuma Sarutobi, Japanese, brown eyes, olive skin, short black spiky hair, beard on chin and cheekbone, (shaved philtrum, hairless philtrum), laid-back individual, dashing, smile, shinobi sandals, forehead protector, clothing, wore a white short-sleeved shirt with a blue and black collar over chain-mail armour, simple military green vest, black pants, fit body, handsome, charming, alluring, intense gaze, (standing), (upper body in frame), naruto background, perfect light, perfect anatomy, perfect proportions, perfect perspective, 8k, HQ, (best quality:1.2, hyperrealistic:1.2, photorealistic:1.2, madly detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper:1.2, masterpiece:1.2, madly detailed photo:1.2), (hyper-realistic lifelike texture:1.2, realistic eyes:1.2), picture-perfect face, perfect eye pupil, detailed eyes, realistic, HD, UHD, front view, dutch angle

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