(masterpiece, high-level image quality, best quality, ultra-detailed, 8K, realistic, knee shot, photo- Lealistic:1.4,physically-based rendering), Centered image, good detail, sexy pose, model pose, full body, looking to the viewer, looking to the camera, seducing face, Cheerful smile, Smiling very happily, hourglass body shape, long_Cardigan,

a Korean girl, long_dress, clothes with accessories , white_sneakers, converse, fashionable hairstyle, good hand, {beautiful and detailed eyes}, large breasts, calm expression, natural and soft light, hair blown by the breeze, delicate facial features, beautiful korean girl, eye smile, lips open, perfect body structure, correct proportions, outdoors, in the Coffee Shop, 20 yo, no bra, 18 years old, Glamor body type, film grain, {normal limbs and fingers}, Shot in a Coffee Shop setting, with clean lines, natural lighting, and a hint of the cityscape in the background, with clean lines, hourglass body shape, bokeh, night ,eungirl, Detailedface,skirt_lift,Sexy Pose,hourglass body shape,rayen dress,wldck

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