(upper body shot portrait:1.3), (extra long straight hair with parted bangs:1.3), (beautiful chiny black thin hair:1.3), ((centered image)), a stunning beautiful and busty woman, 20yo, 
((Night library:1.5)), (library:1.5),(indoor:1.5), (looking at the viewer:1.3), (sitting on the seat:1.4),(pose with hands between legs:1.3),(from above:1.0),(upturned eyes:1.3), 
 masterpiece, best quality, highres, baeautiful aesthetic, 1girl, Korean hot model, looking at viewer:1.3, (bright smile:1.2), wearing ((school uniform)),(blazer, collared shirt, plaid pattern printed pleated skirt), (green thme:1.3), realistic, busty,(narrow waist:1.3), (thin legs:1.3), professional gravure photo, parted lips, glossy juicy lips, pink lips, , Realism, photo of perfecteyes eyes,komi_sch

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