RETRO ART STYLE, POP ART STYLE, ART STYLE,r1ge In hollow spaces where flames dance with glee, Within your mind's whispers, thoughts roaming free. Blood spills in rivers, where the serpents hide, Waiting in shadows, where nightmares reside. Echoes of death's howl, a grim, haunting sound, In the mist's terror, where darkness is found. Serpent's fiery gaze, a strike so keen, Laying bare the unguarded, a chilling scene. You'll be led to a sea of pain and despair, Bodies bleeding and broken, crying in the air. Curses cast upon you, a plea for release, Moments to escape this torment, a whispered peace. Yet prayers go unanswered, silence prevails, No granting of wishes, as darkness prevails. We'll tear at your being, pain echoing through, In the depths of hell's fury, hurt anew.,Spirit Fox Pendant,phoenix pendant,Holy Dragon Pendant,Dolphin Pendant,Panda Pendant,chinese ink drawing

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