1boy, solo, Ace Visconti, Dead By Dayligh, Argentinian of Italian descent, gambler, grey-streaked hair, facial hair, sunglasses, (cap), damask print shirt, classic jacket, jeans, mature, manly, masculine, handsome, charming, alluring, dashing, smirk, (standing), (upper body in frame), dark background, fog, dark atmosphere, perfect light, perfect anatomy, perfect proportions, perfect perspective, 8k, HQ, (best quality:1.5, hyperrealistic:1.5, photorealistic:1.4, madly detailed CG unity 8k wallpaper:1.5, masterpiece:1.3, madly detailed photo:1.2), (hyper-realistic lifelike texture:1.4, realistic eyes:1.2), picture-perfect face, perfect eye pupil, detailed eyes, realistic, HD, UHD, portrait, looking outside frame,best quality

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