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orczor, muscular, size difference, height difference, fat, horror manly, erect penis, sex with elf girl, 8k, HQ, masterpiece, picture-perfect face, freckles, blush, (elf), (perfect female body, thicc hips), slim, abs, (multicolored hair, platinumblonde hair), braids, goddess, fantasy, dreamlike, unreal, sexy, charming, alluring, seductive, erotic, enchanting, makeup, lewd, nsfw, SAM YANG, chained, enslaved, fear, tears, pain, shock, aheago, orgasm, tongue out, orc behind her, held, suspended, legs spread, orc penis in anus, balls deep, anal sex, Bukkake excessive cum, (bulging belly:1.3),

PNG image format, sharp lines and borders, solid blocks of colors, over 300ppp dots per inch, 32k ultra high definition, 530MP, Fujifilm XT3, cinematographic, (photorealistic:1.6), 4D, High definition RAW color professional photos, photo, masterpiece, realistic, ProRAW, realism, photorealism, high contrast, digital art trending on Artstation ultra high definition detailed realistic, detailed, skin texture, hyper detailed, realistic skin texture, facial features, armature, best quality, ultra high res, high resolution, detailed, raw photo, sharp re, lens rich colors hyper realistic lifelike texture dramatic lighting unrealengine trending, ultra sharp, pictorial technique, (sharpness, definition and photographic precision), (contrast, depth and harmonious light details), (features, proportions, colors and textures at their highest degree of realism), (blur background, clean and uncluttered visual aesthetics, sense of depth and dimension, professional and polished look of the image), work of beauty and complexity. perfectly symmetrical body.

(aesthetic + beautiful + harmonic:1.5), (ultra detailed face, ultra detailed eyes, ultra detailed mouth, ultra detailed body, ultra detailed hands, ultra detailed clothes, ultra detailed background, ultra detailed scenery:1.5),

3d_toon_xl:0.8, JuggerCineXL2:0.9, detail_master_XL:0.9, detailmaster2.0:0.9, perfecteyes-000007:1.3,monster,biopunk style,zhibi,DonM3l3m3nt4lXL,alienzkin,moonster,Leonardo Style, ,DonMN1gh7D3m0nXL,aw0k illuminate,silent hill style,Magical Fantasy style,DonMCyb3rN3cr0XL ,cyborg style,c1bo, soil element,cyberpunk style,cyberpunk,mecha,kawaiitech,nhdsrmr,chhdsrmr,alien_woman,biopunk,darkart

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