Artsy Baywing 😁

Highly detailed and hyper-realistic painting portrait of (a Grayish Baywing:1.4). BREAK It's a cute bird about 7 inches long,  with (brownish-gray plumage:1.3),  (the wings feathers have a reddish-brown tone:1.4). The region between the eyes and nostrils is black,  it has black eyes,  black legs,  (short and stubby black beak:1.4). BREAK (full body shot:1.2),  perched on a tree branch,  under direct sunlight,  creative shadow play, eye level,  bokeh,  BREAK vaporwave aesthetics,  neon punk blue visual tone,  (dark atmosphere and dull colors:1.2),  eye level,  BREAK muted colours,  (extremely realistic and accurate:1.4),  league of legends,  BREAK octane render,  intricate,  ultra-realistic,  elegant,  highly detailed,  digital painting,  artstation,  concept art,  smooth,  sharp focus,  illustration,  by ilya kuvshinov and krenz cushart,  three-quarters view,  sharp hard lines,  brush strokes,  watercolor,  oil painting,  ink panting,  style by Agnes Cecile,  Alberto Seveso,  Anna Bocek,  Carne Griffiths,  Charlie Bowater,  ink,  Comic Book-Style 2d,  detailmaster2,  street art,  graffiti, gbaywing,Comic Book-Style 2d,2d

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