Grayish Baywing (LoRA Test 🐦)

(Documentary photograph:1.3) of a Grayish Baywing. BREAK It's a cute bird about 7 inches long, with (brownish-gray plumage:1.3), (the wings feathers have a reddish-brown tone:1.4). The region between the eyes and nostrils is black, it has black eyes, black legs, (short and stubby black beak:1.4). BREAK (full body shot:1.2), perched on a tree branch, under direct sunlight, creative shadow play, from above, bokeh, BREAK (shot on Canon EOS 5D:1.4), Fujicolor Pro film, in the style of Miko Lagerstedt/Liam Wong/Nan Goldin/Lee Friedlander, BREAK (photorealistic:1.3), vignette, highest quality, detailed and intricate, original shot, gbaywing,

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