(Highest Quality,  4k,  masterpiece,  Amazing Details:1.1),  Shallow Depth of Field,  wide angle snapshot of a 25yo delightful lolita girl (European descent,  cotton candy pink locks,  eyes that hold secrets,  slim form with subtle curves,  (skin stories like tiny moles,  whisper of freckles:1.12)) BREAK,  clothed in a playful cherry-red lolita dress with petticoats,  captured mid-twirl,  film grain charm,  fujifilm nostalgia,  avant-garde photography,  55mm lens,  f/2.0,  ISO 100,  backlighting for depth,  chill bumps on skin,  ultra realistic,  top trend on instagram,  (photorealistic) (RAW Photo),fantasy00d,aw0k nsfwfactory,perfect eyes,more saturation ,aesthetic portrait,skin blemish,detailed skin,ca3,hands

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