(Masterpiece), (highres), 8k, (traditional media:1.2), manga, digital illustration, 2d,  retro artstyle, (ultra-detailed portrait of a girl in a dress, stylish, purse, jewelry, thick thighs, relaxed pose, checkered, striped, black border, inset, faded border, circle art, beautiful, punk aesthetic, paint splatter, holding paint can, graffiti,grunge texture, single earring, cropped jacket, black nail polish, streaked hair, blending, glaring, evil smile, colorful, extremely detailed, detailed face, lipstick, dark green hair, purple eyes, hair between eyes, head down, looking at viewer, stylish, fashion, expressive, smirk, leather pants, zipper, smug,,mature female, tomboy, official alternate hairstyle, very long hair, (single braid:1.3), curly hair, cool, aged up,head tilt, looking at viewer, cowboy shot, fully clothed, (8k resolution),figurine, SILHOUETTE LIGHT PARTICLES

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